Nudura supports with Gove’s pledges to build more homes in city centres in long-term housing plan.

Laura Smith / 25 July 2023

In a speech on the 24th of July 2023, Michael Gove, Secretary of State for levelling up housing and communities, pledged to help deliver one million new homes during this parliament.

The long-term housing plan, which is developed on ten principles, has a primary focus, to develop urban centres within inner cities. With the proposal being brownfield redevelopment rather than development on greenfield areas, government officials stated that this is the “right thing to do, economically, environmentally and culturally.”

The proposal will see the protection of the countryside, as well as the relaxation of planning rules and, the development rights to allow existing buildings, such as shops and takeaways, to be converted more easily into new homes. Part of the plans also involves making it easier for homeowners to extend and build up to create space for expanding families.

Here at Nudura, a brand of Tremco CPG UK Ltd, we believe there are three vital pillars of construction: speed of build, cost efficiency and compliance. Armed with a portfolio of brands that support all these pillars with their extensive product ranges, we are poised to support the future of housing within the UK.  

Speed of Build:

As the UK has insufficient stocks of homes, speed is of the essence when it comes to the latest government pledge. With the ability to now offer Nudura, the leading ICF brand, to the UK housing market – we can work with developers to ensure that tight project timelines are delivered, whilst remaining compliant and energy-efficient.

Once transported to the site, Nudura Solid Insulated Wall Structures lock together, with our patented Duralock technology, to build walls far quicker than timber frame or traditional brick. When the system is interlocked and in-filled with concrete, it creates a solid monolithic, permanently insulated wall, which also gives low air permeability.

On average for a pair of two-bed semi-detached houses, it would take approximately twenty-one days to make the structure weathertight and externally rendered.

Furthermore, cost delays due to inclement weather are not an issue when building with Nudura as construction can continue during these times.

With a single point of contact within Tremco CPG, developers or local authorities can work closely with our team to ensure that trades can follow each other within a realisable timeframe – meaning projects can be completed to agreed development schedules.

Cost Efficiency:  

Keeping costs low is a priority on all building schemes but none more so than on social housing projects where budgets are constrained. Building with Tremco CPG UK offers a cost-efficient solution for both developers and future occupants.

Utilising your network of skilled tradesmen, the team at Tremco CPG UK can quickly and easily train operatives to build with Nudura, render with Dryvit systems and install airtightness solutions utilising a range of our illbruck products. Thus, reducing costs associated with the reliance on specialist tradespeople and helping contain project costs.

Our team will also work with you to reduce the likelihood of potential project delays that would subsequently increase the budget and impact profitability. As the cost of construction materials continues to rise, Tremco CPG UK offers a price-competitive alternative to housing.

More importantly, our commitment to cost efficiency stems further than just the developers. Utilising a Tremco CPG-controlled super-structure means that occupants could pay up to only £104 per annum on energy costs*.


Building safety and compliance is always at the forefront of construction when it comes to working with Tremco CPG UK. Our product brands are fully compatible and offer BBA-accredited systems for developers. Tested by the latest building regulations, our product ranges offer peace of mind regarding builds.

Supported by an industry-leading, in-house technical team, developers can be assured that the correct systems are utilised within projects across the UK.


Nudura’s goal remains to provide developers and local authorities with a high-quality superstructure that in turn reduces energy costs, and will contribute to more sustainable, safer, and comfortable living environments. With the ability to support your projects from the design stage through to completion, Nudura is proud to offer a new direction for housing within the UK.