Nudura Systems

Here at Nudura, we understand the need for you to know the key differences between our systems and accessories, explore more now...

ICF Series

Nudura has 4 different ICF series and various accessories to cover all of your building needs. Building with Nudura ICFs gives you the opportunity to build faster and more efficiently while offering you an eco-friendly structure with substantial benefits that contribute to long-term energy savings.

Plus Series

Nudura has driven product innovation and has led the industry with its innovative line of Insulated Concrete Forms. That innovation continues with the Nudura Plus+ Series. The Plus+ Series line of forms and inserts gives alternatives to design professionals and builders who want to add more insulation to the standard line of Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms.

One Series

The One Series by Nudura was the industry’s first multi-link form offering builders and architects unmatched versatility for projects designed using ICFs. At the core of this innovative line is DURA MULTI-LINK®, a newly designed web that offers users the ability to create a wide variety of custom multi-sided form combinations for a variety of building types from commercial to residential.

Integrated Series

Leading the industry in product innovation, Nudura is unmatched by any other Insulated Concrete Form; this innovation continues with the Integrated Series. Nudura is strongly committed to improving the building process to support environmental issues, reduce energy consumption, and to save our valuable environmental resources for future generations.


Nudura manufactures a range of accessories and accessory forms for a variety of applications which make the construction process easier and provide the attributes the owner want. The complete range of NUDURA ICF Accessories has been used globally for homes, schools, commercial projects and medical facilities.