Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Take a look at our frequently asked questions on Insulated Concrete Forms. 

What is an insulated concrete form (ICF)?

An ICF insulated form is a lightweight shuttering system manufactured from EPS and plastic they are light and quick to construct. ICF provides architects, specifiers, contractors and housing developers with a sustainable and cost-effective solution to building within the UK.

What can I build with Nudura ICF?

You can build many things with Nudura ICF e.g. houses, basements, garden rooms, garages, hotels, residential homes, swimming pools and much more.

Do the forms stay in place after the concrete is poured?

Yes, the ICF stays in situ and acts as your insulation.

Is building with ICF considered a "green building solution"?

Yes, building with ICF gives an excellent thermal value and air tightness. This method of construction is highly sustainable and the Nudura ICF s fully recyclable.

Will it take longer to build with Nudura?

No, the construction time when using Nudura ICF can be up to 60% faster than the traditional build method.