Benefits of Nudura 

Benefits of Building With ICFs From Nudura

There are multiple benefits to building with Solid Wall Insulated technology (ICF) from Nudura. Browse through them below, and if you require further information, please get in touch.

Energy Efficiencies

A Nudura structure can provide U-Values as low as 0.11*, saving building owners over 70% in annual energy costs. The energy performance that comes from a Nudura form is the combination of thermal mass and air tightness tested as low as 0.35 m3.m2/hr / 0.2 ACH. Building with Nudura reduces a building’s operational energy demands, and as a result, the structure’s carbon footprint on the environment.

Nudura combined with concrete provides a robust building which allows our structures to meet the performance requirements for UK future building regulations, as well as Passivhaus requirements.

Comfort & Acoustics

Nudura offers superior performance when it comes to thermal bridging, resulting in even temperatures throughout the structure with reduced draughts and cold spots, ensuring occupants are comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. Nudura offers 17 different thermally modelled junctions for each our 5 different u-values based on British Regulations and Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP).

Nudura forms act as an effective sound barrier by dampening sound vibrations from unwanted outside noise, ideal for both residential and commercial construction, providing SRI (Sound Reduction Index) ratings SRI 51* and higher.

A Safe Building

The strength of Nudura comes from the solid concrete core. Nudura walls are built with steel reinforced concrete and a non-toxic fire retardant expanded polystyrene foam.

Nudura also provides greater impact resistance and will withstand winds of up to 250 mph ensuring that the occupants of the building or home are safe and secure in almost any situation. Nudura also provides structural tables for basements walls, above ground walls and lintels as per Eurocode 2 (Concrete Structures) and 8 (Seismic). 

Nudura walls as part of a system are flood resistant thus providing another dimension of safety and security.

Long-Term Value

Nudura structure are built to last and retains its value longer. The main structural element in a Nudura building is reinforced concrete, which offers substantially better durability and requires less maintenance and repair over its lifetime.