ICF construction is the “new direction” for UK builds for good reason

Laura Smith / 25 April 2023

With many self-builders across the globe flying the flag for ICF homes, it is now time for the UK construction industry to re-establish concrete as a staple material for builds across the country. Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, concrete buildings are renowned for their durability and post-World War II, they became a method of rapid construction within the UK.

Today, architects and builders are presented with an even better and more durable form of concrete construction – Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF). Designed with polystyrene and concrete, an ICF building forms one of the most solid, durable, and energy-efficient building envelopers that one can specify or build within the UK.

Unlimited design flexibility

Nudura is one of the UK’s leading ICF manufacturers, partnered with a specialist distribution network across the UK, they are in pole position to support architects, specifiers, and builders in the process of an ICF construction. Nudura ICF can be constructed into any shape or design.  Homes can be made to “match” surrounding dwellings or they can be built to a bespoke specification that stretches the imaginations of all involved. The build finish also offers flexibility – partnering with sister brand, Dryvit, an ICF construction built from Nudura can be finished with a high-quality, compatible, and certified rendered system.  

The design possibilities don’t stop on the external façade of properties, ICF construction allows for creative architectural shapes to be incorporated within homes and buildings across the UK. With the ability to shape ICF into virtually anything, building owners can achieve attractive doors, arches, and bay windows.

Structural strength due to the “Lego” design

Often referred to as the adults “Lego” due to the interlocking system presented by Nudura, builds are faced with the opportunity to create one continuous monolithic envelope from 10 to 30 centimetres thick. This build feature offers Nudura an unrivalled level of durability and insulation and as a result delivers a far superior impact resistant and energy efficient home. Also, since Nudura is made of non-biodegradable material, the entire structure is safe from rot, corrosion, or degradation.

Business development manager, Matthew Fidler comments, “A home built with this wall system stands to be stronger, provides greater safety to occupants and offers greater sound resistance.”

“Due to the isolation of concrete by the ICF foam material, Nudura significantly reduces the flow of heat through the wall, meaning that the internal temperature from day to night fluctuates and provides a largely self-regulating environment. As a result, occupants will need less energy for mechanical heating and cooling.”

“With the energy crisis still upon us within the UK, a Nudura home can deliver substantial cost savings throughout the year.” He adds.

Once upon a time, concrete buildings became the trend within construction, but due to technology available at the time, architects grew tired of concrete jungles, and they simply went out of style.

Now, due to the energy crisis which we face, the advanced technology that we hold to ensure build quality and the imagination of our architects and building owners, ICF dwellings provided by Nudura offer a new direction for homes and commercial buildings across the UK.

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