Affordable Housing

Providing a new direction for affordable housing

With Nudura, affordable housing no longer needs to look any different to privately owned properties. Our fully compatible systems provide project managers the opportunity to modernise their build programmes whilst keeping construction costs to a minimum.

We understand the needs and demands that the UK construction industry faces, and that's why our products provide solutions to match the needs of professionals who install, design, and develop both residential and commercial projects. Our solid wall insulated technology (ICF) provides an energy-efficient home solution, which will confidently meet today's building regulations within the constraints of your budget. 

When building affordable homes, it is important to consider value - building with Nudura has multiple advantages over traditional construction methods. Nudura ICFs combine design flexibility, efficiency, and performance to create the ultimate building envelope solution. This industry leading technology allows UK construction to get the walls up faster and easier, whilst insulating your properties from top to bottom resulting in better energy savings for reduced living costs. 

Nudura ICFs create sustainable buildings that offer a potential Net Zero energy build. This enables architects, engineers, and designers to create buildings which are more efficient and create less waste during the construction process. When constructing with Nudura, the monolithic concrete of is layered between two continuous pieces of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which isolates the concrete and significantly reduces the flow of heat through a wall. With the high storage capacity of a Nudura wall and the low thermal conductivity - structures built with Nudura provide the most useful level of thermal mass. As EPS is 98% air, it is therefore 100% recyclable, making ICFs a much more sustainable build choice.

Resulting in less energy consumption when heating and cooling dwellings, ICF homes subsequently offer greater cost savings throughout the life of the structure. Also acting as an effective sound barrier by dampening sound vibrations from unwanted outside noise, Nudura homes are ideal for both residential and commercial construction projects.