Corn Mill Farm

Ryan Gerrard / 25 October 2022

Project Details

  • Client: Corn Mill Farm
  • Market Sector: Leisure
  • Location: West Yorkshire
  • Year: 2016
Set in a glorious corner of West Yorkshire, Corn Mill Farm is now one of the most elite properties in this much sought-after area and offers outstanding views over open countryside. The refurbishment of this 300-year-old water-powered mill site has retained the original water wheel and mill pond as part of the historic restoration.

The property also boasts a fishing lake, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, wine cellar, maid's quarters, multiple bi-folding doors, a snooker room with a large inglenook fireplace; plus, a whole host of unique features. The luxury home is encased in a low energy shell, insulated with our Nudura Retrofit insulation panels and built upon a Jackodur Atlas raft. A full Triton damp proofing programme keeps the mill pond in the mill pond!

Corn Mill's fantastic renovtiaon design was created by the architects Studio Map Ltd, who are based in Harrogate. The project recently won the 2018 Specialty Project Best in Class nomination in the internationally acclaimed ICF Builder Awards. It was also the runner up in the West Yorkshire LABC Building Excellence Awards 2016, in the 'Restoration and Conversion - Small Projects' category.

The 1,069m² project required rebuilding using reclaimed stone from the site. Total construction time was 78 weeks by ICF contractor and Nudura.

Distributor, Landmarks UK with some 80 days spent on Nudura ICF installation me (8640 sq. ft.). ICF was the only building envelope construction method which could enable continuous construction throughout the harsh winter and meet numerous waterproofing challenges along the way.

The Mill Pond on a higher level was seeping and had destabilized the buildings' structure. Nudura was the single solution. The building was able to be rebuilt in stages and it was possible to meet imposing standards required by BS8102 2009 on waterproofing. The vertical joints in the Nudura wall were protected against damp penetration with vertical water bars and the concrete stretched together with steel pins. Self-healing waterproof TT Admix was mixed in by the batching plant and all concrete pokered to eliminate air bubbles.

The Mill had been seriously damaged by the constant flow of water through the structure. The top two floors had to be carefully rebuilt. A concrete ring beam was cast onto the external walls, and Nudura 96-6 used to rebuild the internal skin. Reclaimed stone from the barn was used to clad the Nudura, so that it is impossible to distinguish between old and new.

The Wine Cellar sits on an even lower level than the Mill. The water pressure was high and the existing walls in perilous condition. The floor above the cellar was removed and the cellar pumped dry.  A new water-proof slab was cast, Nudura 96-8 was used to line the existing cellar structure and filled with waterproof concrete (using TT Admix). The cellar is now dry, and the wine kept at a constant temperature.

A key design feature is the stylish circular tower with spiral staircase which ascends from the wine cellar up to the dining room and then continues upwards to the master bedroom. Levels again created challenges. The three-storey structure was half a storey lower than the mill owner's cottage. Back in the 1970's, the two buildings had been joined by a clumsy, draughty hallway. The utilitarian staircase featured a multitude of half landings and wound its way up to meet all five levels. The poorly designed structure was replaced with the aesthecally striking tower which houses the spiral staircase.

The old, damp structure has been thermally enhanced by Nudura Retrofit Boards being used to line both internal walls and external walls.  All stone from the refurbishment was reclaimed, cleaned, and used to clad the ICF walls, creating an aesthetic blend of both old and new. The multi-award-winning Corn Mill is now a highly thermally efficient structure. A once damp, cold, draughty and structurally unstable edifice of the past is now a safe, warm, cosy magnificent home and will be for many future generations.