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The ICF 500 Render System gathers thermal effectiveness of a Nudura ICF system and durability of Dryvit finishing materials. Providing permanent insulated formwork and a render finish for external walls in domestic and non-domestic buildings, the system solution comprises of a reinforced basecoat, primers, finishes and decorative coatings.

With full BBA approval, the ICF 500 system contributes to sustainability targets by maintaining the continuity of thermal insulation at junctions, as well as enabling both airtightness and weathertightness. This protects the ICF structure from water ingress whilst maintaining a desirable, decorative finish. The building can be designed to include all the aesthetic benefits of an EWI system including grooves and decorative shapes. The ICF 500 system can be designed to achieve either a 30 or 60 year service life, depending on the requirements and materials used.

  • Dryvit systems are formulated to provide the utmost in weather protection providing a resilient barrier against the elements.
  • Dryvit finishes are available in a wide array of textures in both standard and custom colours. Our speciality finishes enable designers to replicate a variety of real stone or brick finishes from limestone to granite at a fraction of the cost.
  • The combination of system components provide unsurpassed long-term durability
Dryvit ICF 500 Render System on Nudura Standard Details (en-GB).pdf Technical Drawing
ICF 500 BBA Certificate (en-GB).pdf Test / Certification Document
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