5 Reasons Developers Should Check for Hidden Costs when Building with ICF

Laura Smith / 27 April 2023

When designing buildings across the UK, specifiers and architects are faced with many challenges due to the recent changes in regulations as well as the newfound focus on the profitability of construction projects. With help from Nudura, a brand of Tremco Construction Product Group (Tremco CPG) UK, specifiers and architects can now achieve significant savings by building with Nudura Solid Insulated Wall technology (ICF).

It is often a common misconception that ICF builds have a higher cost when compared to traditional construction methods. With the recent material shortages driving costs of materials up in the past year, and the industry seeing cost rises of up to 23.5% over 2022, now more than ever before developers are being pushed to look for alternative methods of construction.

When choosing the ICF system to progress with, it is important to understand what is included in your quotes. Here at Nudura, we work on an honest and transparent approach – what we quote for is what you need to complete your projects to the highest potential.

  1. Supply of Complete ICF System

Whatever the design, complexity, or scale of project; quotes provided from Nudura partners across the UK include supply of all ICF formwork blocks which are required from the start to finish of a project. The amount of product will vary from project to project, but the team at Nudura can assure developers of a fixed project price for the supply of blocks from the outlet.

  1. Supply of Bracing System

A critical element to consider when building with ICF is the bracing system to support the wall during the concrete pour and setting process. All quotations provided to the market via Nudura partners across the UK, include the cost of bracing hire for the duration of the construction project.

Quick tip: Without a bracing system, you will not be able to build an ICF dwelling – make sure you are quoted for this!

  1. Supply of Supporting Accessories

Quite often when building with ICF formwork, contractors will require a range of supporting accessories. This could be anything from screws, hanger systems or PU foam.

Nudura’s ICF system is supported by a range of compatible accessories – any quote received will include these accessories – if you think something specific may be required for your project, touch base with your Nudura partner and they will talk you through the options.

  1. Technical and Installation Support

Whilst building with Nudura is quick and simple, all projects are supported by our expert team based across the UK. As part of our service to the construction industry, we offer technical and onsite installation support – so if you have a query, all you need to do is contact your local Nudura partner who will be able to assist you.

  1. Tested and certified system

Nudura systems are fully tested and comply to the latest building regulations within the UK. Compatible with a range of supporting products from Tremco CPG UK, our system is a tried and tested solution within the marketplace.

For more information about Nudura, please get in touch today.